APAAR ID, One Nation One Student ID Download at abc.gov.in

APAAR ID, One Nation One Student ID, APAAR CARD Registration, APAAR ID Card Registration Process, APAAR Card Download at abc.gov.in.

The Government of India, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is launching programs to benefit all citizens. If a candidate is a student, completing the APAAR ID Registration and downloading the card will be beneficial in a variety of ways. The Academic Bank of Credits, or ABC Bank, is a government effort that helps students with things like Student Mobility and Academic Flexibility. Candidates can register online and then download the APAAR ID PDF at abc.gov.in by entering essential information such as their Mobile Number and Password. Read the article below for more information on Apaar Id.


The APAAR ID or “One Nation One Student ID Card,” is a new scheme launched by the Ministry of Education and the Government of India. It allows students to retain all of their academic information, such as degrees, scholarships, and awards, in one location, The APAAR ID is an acronym that stands for “Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry,” and it is provided by the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank), which acts as a safe deposit box for educational documents. The APAAR ID, commonly known as the “One Nation One Student ID Card” is a significant step in making education more accessible to Indian students.


A unique identification number known as an APAAR CARD is given to every student in India. The student’s ID is permanent and won’t alter even if they attend different schools or universities, All of the student’s academic data, including name, birthdate, contact details, educational background, and accomplishments, will be included on their APAAR CARD.

The Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry is known as APAAR. The “One Nation, One Student ID” is also known as a “EduLocker” or Education Ecosystem Registry. The Union government’s new “One Nation, One Student” program includes the introduction of APAAR, APAAR ID is India’s One Nation One ID for all students. This ID, which will be unique to each student, will track each student’s educational progress, achievements, and other details.

APAAR ID Registration

Introducing the APAAR Card, a Digital ID card for students registered in government and private schools in India that was launched by the Ministry of Education. The principal objective of the APAAR Card is, The purpose of One Nation One ID Card Registration is to give students access to a centralized portal where they can view their degree certificates, academic records, and other pertinent data.

A candidate will have the option to download the ABC Card, which has the exclusive 12-digit APAAR Number, after successfully completing the APAAR Card Registration process, This APAAR ID Card serves as a doorway to access all of the portal’s features. We have made it easy for the applicant to download their APAAR card by including a direct link and detailed instructions in this post.

APAAR Card Download

  • Go to https://www.abc.gov.in/, the official APAAR CARD website.
  • Select the “Login” option.
  • Enter your cell phone number and password.
  • Click the “Download APAAR CARD” button.
  • Your APAAR CARD will be downloaded in the form of a PDF file.
  • The PDF version can be saved to your computer or printed.